Are you smart enough to escape from the room within an hour, before Dracula wakes up?

Here lives Dracula. His room is full of hard puzzles, surprises, smoke and noises... You have to solve the puzzles, or otherwise…

Book Weizenbergi 9, Tallinn 10127
Draculauus2 Pommuus

Bomb room

Escape from the psychopath’s room before the bomb set by him explodes. You feel yourself like MacGyver in the room full of technical duties.

Book Weizenbergi 9, Tallinn 10127

Crazy Doctor

Our world-renowned professor has gone missing. Before this happened, the professor hid some clues in his office referring to the identity of a patient, who he believed was faking his condition in order to filfill some twisted plot. You are the investigative commission who have been summoned to find out who this patient is. You have one hour to complete your task.

Book Tatari 54, Tallinn 10127
Hduus Protseduus


Welcome to our Facility! My name is Dr Mad/Insane and i'm in the middle of an important operation/surgery. However, something has happened and I have to leave immediately. It's up to you now to save the patient's life. You have exactly one hour, he will not last longer than that.

Book Tatari 54, Tallinn 10127


You have been seized and delivered to the secret headquarters of the KGB. Initial questioning did not give the results and the officer Tamm gave the impression that they will find out the truth anyway. They have various tools to conduct the interrogation. He gave 60 minutes of reflection time and left.

Book Tatari 54, Tallinn 10127
Kgbuus Pehmouus2

Padded cell

You can no longer understand what is reality. You are a danger to society and yourself. We have a cure for you. You will be placed into a room meant for calming and contemplating life. If you manage to escape, you will be cured.

Book Tatari 54, Tallinn 10127


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Tatari St can seat up to 40 people, Weizenbergi St can seat up to 25. Also bring your foreign guests for thrilling escapes!

The bravest combine work and fun - they hold a meeting and then go straight for an escape!


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